SeaFil™ Cap
SeaFil™ Cap

SeaFil™ Cap

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This cap perfectly embodies our mission: to design high-performance, decarbonized accessories using innovative materials from the oceans.
  • SeaFil™ embroidery from reclaimed Breton fishing nets
  • GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • Nacre®

Les raisons de l'aimer...

Performance - Decarbonized - Iodized
SeaFil™: the first embroidery thread made from upcycled fishing nets

"Every year 640,000 tons of nylon fishing nets are lost or abandoned in our oceans"

At the same time, the textile industry continues to produce new plastic with a high CO2 impact. This is why we have decided to recycle the plastic present in our oceans.

After more than a year of testing we have developed SeaFil™, the first embroidery thread made from recycled fishing nets. It forever embodies our desire to develop high-performance and carbon-free materials that have not yet been exploited.

PS: The fishing nets are collected from partner fishermen located on our Brittany coast.

100% organic cotton brushed and GOTS certified

The production does not use pesticides or GMOs, so it is much better for our skin on a daily basis. Our cotton is brushed! Result: its interior is much softer and more comfortable . In addition, the production of organic cotton promotes the capture of CO2 in the soil.

Mother of Pearl®

The brand's iconic emblem is an iodized symbol of decarbonization and performance.